MISSION CRM is a social purpose company, driven to accelerate the virtuous cycle of giving so nonprofits can raise funds to effect social change in the world.

Paramount in fulfilling our purpose is partnering with clients to ensure they optimize their MISSION CRM system to address their organization’s needs. So, we provide stellar client service and support, training and documentation to equip and empower clients to make the most of MISSION CRM.

Mission Accomplished.

MISSION CRM is the first donor management and fundraising system built from the ground up on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. It is a highly usable and scalable system which provides everything nonprofits need to accelerate their momentum and advance their mission.

A CRM system is an operating system for an organization and connects all the day-to-day business processes in one place. MISSION CRM is designed for the modern nonprofit, and provides a hub to build loyal donors, process gifts, amplify fundraising capacity and the tools to track performance, boost productivity and accelerate everyday operations.

A commercial platform = the Dynamics difference.

Unlike other fundraising software companies which use their own proprietary platforms, MISSION CRM is built on the Dynamics 365 commercial platform. This means your organization benefits from:

  • Microsoft’s continual investments in research and development, which result in ongoing innovations to the Dynamics 365 platform to ensure it adapts to today’s needs and remains flexible for tomorrow
  • Avoiding steep learning curves; staff and volunteers can struggle to learn the unfamiliar processes and user interfaces of proprietary systems
  • Saving significant time and money on consulting and IT costs to get different systems to work together
  • Never needing specialist developers or an in-house administrator to manage your system
  • An expandable platform; you can choose from a variety of pre-built modules such as Dynamics 365 Financials and Field Service to include the capabilities you want, when you need them for your organization

We’re on a mission.

Christina Herancourt


Throughout her 19-year career in marketing, Christina has been involved in the planning and crafting of communications campaigns and marketing initiatives for a variety of organizations, including nonprofits such as the Breakfast Clubs of Canada and Action Against Hunger Canada.

Tired of selling ‘widgets’, she decided to parlay her experience in the for-profit sector to the nonprofit sector in order to make a tangible and positive difference in the world. Understanding the vital role targeted communications and data can play in creating relationships with constituents, she appreciated how MISSION CRM could harness the power of the Dynamics 365 platform to help nonprofits advance their mission.

Currently she and her dog Bauer volunteer as members of the St. John Ambulance therapy dog program at Southlake Village in Newmarket.

CJ Brooks

Vice President & Product Director

CJ is an expert architect with 15 years’ experience, and has implemented Dynamics 365 for nonprofits and large organizations across North America, including the Worcester Art Museum, Massey College and The Globe & Mail.

His experience developing customized CRM systems for nonprofits revealed to him an opportunity in the market for an enterprise-level system which could be implemented off-the-shelf, dramatically lessening the cost, investment and specialized knowledge required by proprietary systems. He conceived MISSION CRM to be an out-of-the-box and highly usable system, and set about creating the first donor management and fundraising system built upon the Dynamics 365 platform. The architect of the entire system, CJ has guided an experienced development team to bring his vision to life.  

Currently, CJ volunteers his time working in the warehouse of The Newmarket Food Pantry and delivers packages to individuals’ homes throughout the community.