Your new home awaits

This is a pivotal moment in time to think and act holistically as to how technology can and should best serve your organization’s strategy. Moving to a new home for your donor engagement and fundraising is a big decision: the good news is you have options on Dynamics 365.


MISSION CRM is the first and only system built on top of Fundraising and Engagement and takes it to the next level.

If you’re a nonprofit which aspires to have all your donor engagement and fundraising in one place, and desire advanced functionality, our integrated system serves the strategic imperative of a single-truth hub and elevates the engagement with donors and efficiency of your operations.

Taking Fundraising and Engagement to
the next level

Where does Fundraising and Engagement end and MISSION CRM begin? Great question.

Have a look at the lovely layout to your left:

Green = the functionality out-of-the-box with Fundraising and Engagement

Yellow = MISSION CRM’s integrated and innovative functionality which takes Fundraising and Engagement to the next level

And there’s more to come: MISSION CRM is dedicated to introducing ongoing enhancements and new features to help our clients advance their mission.

What are the benefits of moving?

If you’re a nonprofit seeking a strategic shift from disparate, legacy solutions to a single cloud which eliminates data silos and elevates your donor engagement and fundraising operations, you’ve come to the right place.

Built on the Dynamics 365, with MISSION CRM, nonprofits can achieve an integrated system which provides:

  • A 360° view of donors and single-truth hub for all gifts and interactions in real-time
  • A centralized home for constituent data across the spectrum of mission-critical operations
  • Fluidity of data across the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit via the Dataverse facilitating data-driven insights and decision making
  • The ability to track dollar raised to dollar delivered and impact measured
  • Interoperability from the get-go with any applications built on the CDM
  • Automation and streamlining of time-consuming tasks
  • Integration with Microsoft 365, including Teams and Outlook, and the tools you know and trust
  • The ability to think big and boldly with the building blocks for your other mission-critical operations on Dynamics 365
  • Seamlessly inherit the updates and enhancement Microsoft adds to Fundraising and Engagement and the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits
  • Integration capability with any financial system, including Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Tailor the system to serve your strategy

With MISSION CRM you have the power of choice.

Tailor the system to suit your organization’s needs today with peace-of-mind you can evolve if and when you need to.

We have three tiers of functionality and pricing for you to choose from: Accelerate, Amplify and Advance: