I’m a user-friendly system with everything you need to accelerate the momentum of your donor management and fundraising operations, so you can advance your mission.

A complete donor management and fundraising system your team can use.

Donors are the lifeblood of a nonprofit, so at the heart of MISSION CRM is an intelligent, constituent relationship management system with the ability to understand your donors from a 360° view. It’s a hub for generating giving relationships by storing valuable information about donors’ preferences, motivations and interactions with your organization. And having a holistic picture is vital to propel the virtuous cycle of giving forward, evolving a first-time donor into a permanent philanthropist.

A natural fit

If you’re a Microsoft-based nonprofit, MISSION CRM looks like the Office 365 interface you already use, and its native integration with Office 365 makes you feel right at home, right away.

Campaign management

Create as many campaigns as needed to organize your fundraising initiatives and analyze results with our reporting tools, delivering real-time data on the effectiveness of your appeals and solicitations.

Fundraising You Can Set & Forget

Drive revenue with branded Donation, Event & Campaign pages, so you can receive gifts and registrations which automatically sync with your MISSION CRM system, with automated receipting and thank yous.

Work smarter, not harder

Boost your team’s productivity and work even smarter with Office 365’s new apps including Teams for internal collaboration and Planner for project management.

You’ve got moves

With moves management, you can follow a prospect from greeting to major gift. And the workflow can be configured to reflect your organization’s unique ‘moves’ or stages in major gift cultivation.

Events made easy

Planning a fundraising event requires organization and the right tools. Our event management toolkit has everything you need to plan, market, manage and report on the success of your event. And branded online forms allow guests to register and buy tickets online – all synching back to MISSION CRM.

Accessible from anywhere

A cloud-based system, MISSION CRM can be launched on-the-go using any browser or the Dynamics 365 app to instantly access the information you need, on any device.

Execute effective marketing campaigns

Our seamless integration with ClickDimensions allows you to build, send, track and analyze the effectiveness of campaign emails – all from within your MISSION CRM system.

Your communications HQ

Because MISSION CRM natively integrates with Office 365, it’s the headquarters for your communications. Tailor your communications to align with your strategy by creating automatic response emails and triggered emails sent after specific actions. And for direct mail, use our built-in mail merge option for campaign letters.

Tailor the system to suit you with seamless integrations and configuration options.

Unlike systems with proprietary platforms, with MISSION CRM you have the power of choice. Tailor the system to suit your organization’s needs with seamless integrations and configuration options.

Automatic activity tracking

Make a call with Skype? It’s stored on the constituent record. Email a sponsorship package and it’s stored as an attachment on the record and in SharePoint. Our native integration means all Office 365 activities are automatically captured against a record – giving you a history of your interactions with constituents.

Financial system freedom

Unlike systems with proprietary platforms, MISSION CRM is financial-system agnostic and has its own GL, so it can integrate with anything, including Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Choose your gateway

Select the PCI-compliant gateway which works best for you – we seamlessly integrate with Stripe, iATS, Moneris and Global Payments. And our integrated payment processor allows you to create automated recurring payments and accepts online donations directly via your website.

An integrated system

Backed by the power of Azure and the Common Data Model (CDM) for Nonprofits, it means interoperability from the get-go. And the Common Data Service means no more data silos and allows fluidity of data across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Configure the system to suit your processes

Easily configure forms, change workflows on a dime to reflect your business processes or alter templates to meet your needs. There’s a plethora of configuration options – that’s why we walk you through all of them during our onboarding process.

Specialist skills not required

Because we’re built on the Dynamics 365 commercial platform versus a proprietary one, you’ll never need specialist developers or consultants, or an in-house administrator to manage your system.

An enterprise system which scales with predictable pricing.

Designed to accelerate the momentum of your operations, MISSION CRM is an enterprise system which scales as your organization grows and adapts to your ever-changing needs.

Streamlined processes to support growth

Time-consuming processes are streamlined to support your organization’s growth, including recurring donations, batch gift entry, reporting and receipting; and built-in automated communications saves you time and money.

Take the pulse of your fundraising performance

Achieve a holistic view of your fundraising performance with a pre-built Power BI reports and use Advanced Find for intelligent queries allowing you to track key metrics so you can make data-driven decisions.

Grow with abandon

As you advance your mission, you need a system which scales and adapts – which is exactly what an enterprise system is built for. With the MISSION CRM system, there are no limitations or unexpected barriers to future growth.

Hosted by Microsoft

MISSION CRM’s system is delivered via Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data centre, providing undisputed security of client data with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement.

Role-based workspaces

Sign into the system and see what matters to you. Individually assigned workspaces reflect each users’ role and display dashboards which paint a picture of key performance indicators in real-time along with activities and assigned tasks.

Predictable pricing

A MISSION CRM license provides access to all of our bespoke functionality and ongoing training and support – for one, predictable monthly price. So, grow your mission and hit “Ctrl V” on your operations budget.