The advances in nonprofit CRMs, such as MISSION CRM on Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits, have tailored AI for nonprofit use and changed the way nonprofit organizations operate.

At AFP ICON this week, Microsoft discussed how nonprofits can “Accelerate Mission Impact with AI and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit” highlighting how organizations can leverage Bing, ChatGPT, Co-Pilot and Viva Sales to increase mission impact through fundraising, volunteer management, marketing and more.

Here are some AI use cases for fundraising in the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits:

    1. Image generation for marketing and fundraising content
    2. ChatGPT to draft donor replies and fundraising emails
    3. Natural Language in donor segmentation
    4. Sentiment and keyword analysis for donor meetings


What is the Value of AI for NonProfits?

Cost Savings and Increased Productivity

Using AI-powered solutions gives nonprofits the ability to save precious time and money. Platforms with AI capabilities built-in can automate and streamline tasks related to your daily operations, analyze important data and help your organization make data-driven decisions. Think about a first draft of a grant submission being done for you, and then reviewing and revising it. A head start is better than starting from scratch!

Engage with Donors and Volunteers

Nonprofits can enhance segmentation, personalization and connection when they take advantage of the power of AI. This is made possible by storing data in one place and using AI solutions like ChatGPT, Viva Sales and Co-pilot. Imagine asking for a thank you letter written for Gen Y event volunteers. Or crafting different templates for a donation campaign, giving levels and segments?

Increasingly donors are digital natives who expect personal, relevant and timely communications which connect them to the impact of your nonprofit’s mission. AI gives you the ability to increase donor retention by applying AI solutions to marketing and data. This helps you grow donations from one-time gifts to lasting engagements.

Experiment and See For Yourself!

Courtesy of Microsoft Tech for Social Impact, here are some AI experiments you can try:

    1. Generate newsletter images and content – check out the new Bing, the AI-powered co-pilot for the web Bing AI – Search. That’s how we created the image for this blog post!
    2. Personalize gift acknowledgements – craft a special thank you message for key donor segments
    3. Appeal to donors in an emergency – create fundraising emails with a quick turnaround in times of a disaster – check out ChatGPT
    4. Summarize important meetings – analyze donor calls to follow up on key points and action items – try Viva Sales for Nonprofits
    5. Enhance volunteer asks – design engaging opportunities which appeal to different volunteer audiences


At Sylogist MISSION CRM, we’re committed to providing nonprofit organizations with a best-in-class nonprofit CRM system on top of the world’s best platform – Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

With a focus on the growing and changing needs of the nonprofit sector, our goal is to support your organization through the future of AI-powered tools which support your mission. Our mission is your success. Connect with MISSION CRM.