A Donor Management + Fundraising System built on Microsoft

MISSION CRM is the first and only donor management and fundraising system built on top of Microsoft, designed for modern, midsize to enterprise nonprofits seeking a single platform to elevate their engagement with donors and efficiency of nonprofit operations.

With MISSION CRM + the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, you can say goodbye to a world of disparate solutions and data silos, and hello to a new home for your mission-critical operations. With unified data on a single platform, you can work smarter, raise more revenue, engage supporters, and more easily measure the impact you’re making.

A complete system your team can use with ease

MISSION CRM is a donor management and fundraising system which streamlines everyday processes and saves precious time. If you’re a Microsoft-based nonprofit, you’ll recognize the interface and productivity tools like Teams and Excel, and the integration with Outlook makes you feel right at home, right away.

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Tailored to suit you with seamless integrations and configurations

MISSION CRM provides a 360° and multifaceted view of donors, fundraising and financials. We’re open to working with any financial system, integrate out-of-the-box with multiple payment gateways, and have tools to easily import 3rd party data.

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