Gift Processing & Fundraising

Yes, MISSION CRM provides integrated online pages for donations, recurring gifts, crowdfunding campaigns, peer-to-peer donations for individuals and teams, event registrations and includes a featured called Outbound Calling Pages, designed to support phone-based fundraising drives. All pages are hosted your organizations’ Microsoft Azure tenant and all pages are included in the license without a limit on the number of pages.

MISSION CRM’s advanced designation and sub-ledger features are designed to support your sophisticated accounting structure of revenue tracking for all general ledger integration.

MISSION CRM offers robust designation management features to ensure your donor’s intent is honored. Using our gift processing options, gifts can be split through the administration of designations.

Yes, we have a pre-built integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) as a supported part of our product and therefore any application using BC, i.e. MISSION ERP (formerly Serenic Navigator).

We also support integration with non-Microsoft systems, some via export/import and others via API.

It’s best for us to show you, but in brief, we support the assignment of tasks and activities to Contacts, in support of moving an individual up the ladder as a supporter and organizing the lifecycle of each Contact by stage and similarly with Opportunities, in support of advancing and cultivating a gift solicitation.

With MISSION CRM, your fundraising team has the freedom to meet with donors on their time, in their homes, at events, and wherever the road takes them. Using our integration with Outlook, fundraisers can engage with their inbox, update opportunities, make contact address changes, and have access to information to enhance their high touch interactions. Everything available to them at their desk is also at their fingertips while traveling.

With unified data in MISSION CRM, you will be able to report on all data within the Microsoft Dataverse. With ease, you can create dashboards filled with easy to interpret KPI’s and visuals along with Power BI reports meeting your operational requirements. Use subscriptions and distribute on a recurring basis to members of your team, leadership, and board members.

At MISSION CRM, our desire is to make your processing a breeze. Whether you send single receipts to your donors or distribute them in bulk, our built-in receipting engine is there to fit the need. An unlimited number of templates can be created, and each can have unique configurations to be distributed based on criteria, such as email vs standard mail, or online donations vs check, and even for membership or event registrations. The template possibilities are endless.

There is no limit to the amount of data you can add or migrate to MISSION CRM and our pricing is not based on any volume of records.

Microsoft charges for data storage, with a default database capacity of 10GB which increases with each user license purchased or can be purchased independently when needed.

Data, Integrations & Security

There is no limit to the amount of data you can add or migrate to MISSION CRM and our pricing is not based on any volume of records.

Microsoft charges for data storage, with a default database capacity of 10GB which increases with each user license purchased or can be purchased independently when needed.

MISSION CRM and all your data reside within your Azure tenant which is hosted by Microsoft. Your data will be secured using Microsoft’s best in breed security controls, monitoring, and protections in their Azure data centers. Learn more by visiting their security overview.

Reduce costs & complexity from the get-go. MISSION CRM comes ready out-of-the-box with these powerful, pre-built integrations:

  • Payment providers – Stripe, iATS, Global Payments, Moneris, Adyen, Paya, Bottomline PTX and Paysafe.
  • MISSION CRM’s online giving pages – donation, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer and events

Because MISSION CRM is connected to the Dataverse and built on the Power Platform, you can ‘speak’ seamlessly with:

  • Microsoft 365 – Outlooks, Teams
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
  • Microsoft Volunteer Management & Engagement
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & MISSION ERP (powered by BC)
  • Microsoft Co-Pilot
  • Microsoft Power Platform API to connect with any apps you use
  • Anything built on the Common Data Model for Nonprofits

Because MISSION CRM is connected to Microsoft’s Dataverse, an organization using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (formerly Marketing), can access all MISSION CRM records and help you craft real-time journeys, can track all email interactions, SMS engagement and much more. From a donor’s record in MISSION CRM, you can see their interactions and gain insights into their real-time journey as they engage through multiple channels including email and text messaging.

MISSION CRM allows you to create fundraising campaigns, appeals, and packages and associate all gifts appropriately, giving you the information you need to make decisions on current and future efforts.

Product & Support

We have pre-built integrations with the following payment processors: Stripe, iATS Payments, Moneris, Global Payments, Adyen, Paysafe and Paya and Bottomline PTX (for direct debit processing). The features and rates for each processor differ.

You are not limited to one payment processor account within MISSION CRM. You can elect to have multiple accounts for which you can use to process donations which supports multi-geo and multi-currency scenarios.

Yes. MISSION CRM is accessible through any internet connected device.

We offer two implementation approaches based on the scope of work determined. Our most common approach, known as our Make it Your Mission methodology, is a 4-6 month project that incorporates configuration of the system to match your organizational needs, data migration, and end-user training.

Yes, because MISSION CRM is built on the Power Platform, the CRM is incredibly flexible. This could be as simple as adding a new field or changing the layout of a form, to building new tangential applications that utilize the same underlying database.

MISSION CRM has a dedicated, in-house support team which operates using an SLA that aligns with the support tiers we offer.

We issue two full releases each year, following the two release waves from Microsoft. These are known as our Spring and Fall release. Additionally, when needed throughout the year we issue patch releases to resolve any bugs identified prior to a full release.

Two by default, DEV/Sandbox and Production. There is no limit to the number and use of environments, you are limited only by your Microsoft storage capacities. Therefore, if you create a new Sandbox environment with only a few records, the storage impact is negligible.

MISSION CRM is cloud-based application that is leveraged within Dynamics 365 online and the Microsoft Power Platform. Not a service, but rather a completely integrated fundraising to finance solution.

There is no user limit. Your organization will purchase individual user licenses from Microsoft directly or via a Microsoft reseller and each user can have access to the MISSION CRM application. Their permissions are controlled via user roles.

Microsoft Ecosystem

As a MISSION CRM customer, we provide training on the basic Dynamics 365 features as part of your implementation. However, if you are seeking to learn more about the Power Platform beyond MISSION CRM, Microsoft has a robust learning system to explore

Microsoft has been introducing new AI-based features with each release. Their Copilot initiative is spreading across all of their products and will continue to weave into Dynamics with each release wave.

By investing in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit + MISSION CRM your technology ecosystem will be continuously invested in and supported. As your organization grows, you will witness the infinite scalability of the Azure platform, cutting edge technologies, and the powerful tools offered to Microsoft subscribers.