MISSION CRM + Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

One organization. One mission. One platform.

The Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit unlocks the power of your data through intelligent and integrated cloud solutions for the most common nonprofit scenarios, including constituent engagement, fundraising and volunteer management, which support the delivery of effective programming, program design and delivery.

By deciding to invest in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit today, you can rest assured your new home will be invested in and supported for years to come. And you can grow into Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit at your own pace, knowing it’s designed with interoperability in mind, brought together by the Common Data Model for Nonprofits (CDM), and built on a platform of security and compliance.

By bringing together disparate data sources from across the spectrum of your organization on one platform, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit enables nonprofits to unify and leverage the true value of their data to help accelerate mission outcomes.

The MISSION CRM system is integrated from the get-go with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. Built on Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement, it utilizes the CDM and adds innovative features and functionality designed to address midsize to enterprise nonprofits sophisticated development operations.

A total game-changer: the Common Data Model for Nonprofit

The foundation of your new home is the CDM: the force revolutionizing nonprofit technology. Think of it as a universal language which speaks nonprofit: combined with the Dataverse, the data-highway flowing within Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, it means nonprofits can live in a centralized home where every facet of their operations on the CDM can speak with one another, with no data silos.

Why does this matter? Well, most nonprofits have amassed an array of disparate, disconnected solutions which don’t speak the same language, creating data silos and cumbersome processes in their wake. So, resolving this fundamental problem by offering a single source of truth and streamlined operations on a single platform is a total game-changer.

Co-builders of Fundraising and Engagement with Microsoft

In 2020, MISSION CRM sold Microsoft some of our core IP, and together we built Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution, which launched in October 2020.

MISSION CRM is the first and only donor management and fundraising system built on top of Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution and takes it to the next level with innovative features and functionality for midsize to enterprise nonprofits.

Interoperability from the get-go

MISSION CRM works instantly with any data or application aligned with the Common Data Model for Nonprofits (CDM), Microsoft’s Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement products. And easily integrate with any third-party data source using Microsoft’s Power Platform API, so you can maintain a unified home for your data.

Implementor of Microsoft Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are a vital and valuable resource for many nonprofits. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to efficiently build volunteer capacity and streamline organizational processes to make for great volunteer experiences.

MISSION CRM is proud to partner with organizations to implement Microsoft’s innovative Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement products which provide a unified approach to the management and deployment of volunteers.

Not only do volunteers give their time and energy in support of your mission, but research also indicates they are more likely to become advocates and donors. When combined with the MISSION CRM system, your organization can now have a full, 360-degree view of your volunteers and supporters in one place.