Do you need help managing relationships and securing major gifts?

We recently sat down with DonorSearch to discuss how MISSION CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and other products to help nonprofits secure gifts and drive mission impact.

We know that nonprofits need a toolkit that supports research and data points to gather insights, secure gifts and build donor relationships.

Microsoft is the only cloud provider with tools and platforms across productivity, insights, and collaboration. MISSION CRM and DonorSearch are part of this New World called the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit that Microsoft has created.

One Organization. One Mission. One Platform.

MISSION CRM is a product built on top of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit platform and specifically engineered to deliver a rich and real-time multifaceted view of your donors, fundraising and financials in one place.

Being built on top of the Microsoft platform allows us to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s productivity tools, non-profit tools and with other products built on the Microsoft platform. This is why we work closely with DonorSearch, another product built for the Microsoft platform to gather all of the rich data points they collect and help accelerate your major gift fundraising.

Why Do We Work With Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profit?

When we think about the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, it is about constituent management, volunteer management, program management, marketing and communications. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit connects the nonprofit infrastructure with integrated and intelligent capabilities. It brings together disparate data from across the organization and allows nonprofits to realize the true value of their data to accelerate mission outcomes.

MISSION CRM seamlessly blends with what Microsoft has built itself to provide donor management and donor engagement fundraising.

Relationship Management

A large part of major gift fundraising is building relationships and coordinating with new and lifelong donors. MISSION CRM is the first and only donor engagement and fundraising system integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. We deliver a rich, real-time and multifaceted view of donors, fundraising and financials so that you can build strong relationships with donors.

One Database To Effectively Manage Relationships

With MISSION CRM, when a potential donor reaches out you are able to effectively manage the relationship by having all of the tools and data you need in one database. If a donor reaches out by email, this communication will be available in the database. You can use AI to craft a response using prompts you generate. The information from this communication will be saved into your database so that you or one of your team members can easily find and leverage that data for relationship management.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Another benefit of the MISSION CRM being built on top of Microsoft is the ability to leverage their workplace productivity products alongside your relationship management data. Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 are integrated so that you can see your data within Teams. This means that you can get all of the details you need for internal collaboration without leaving Teams. This allows you to see all of the fundraising opportunities that you are currently working on and all the transactions associated with those fundraising efforts.

Your MISSION CRM Dashboard

Within MISSION CRM, your dashboard can be fully customized to your organizational branding, goals and objectives. Within this dashboard, you can view all of your data including contacts, donor search summaries, and communication preferences. Our application will seamlessly integrate with Dynamic 365 marketing, Volunteer Management, and DonorSearch allowing you to query, report and leverage all of this valuable information to build strong donor relationships.

Moves Management

Our integration with DonorSearch gives you access to more than 130 informative data points ranging from wealth assets to charitable giving, offering a comprehensive and efficient prospecting feature.

Inside DonorSearch there are different tabs containing important information about donors including general information, public giving, net worth, assets, real estate holdings, and stock holdings. All of these data points give you the ability to assess the likelihood of donation and the capabilities of donors.

With MISSION CRM, you can take all of that useful information and put it into action. You can create customized sequences or use the sequences we developed for moves management. You can assign each individual a sequence of tasks that help you easily advance individuals from identification to cultivation all in one place.

Contact us to start using your data to build strong, lifelong donor relationships.