This holiday season, say thank you or happy holidays to the fundraiser in your life.

Fundraisers work tirelessly all year long—especially this time of year—to raise much needed funds for nonprofit organizations to drive impact and make a difference in the world.

So, give them something that will brighten and elevate their day. We at MISSION CRM have collected some gift ideas—big and small—to make gift-giving a little easier.

  1. reMarkable Tablet: Truly remarkable, this elevates note-taking to a whole new level.
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro: for on-the-go fundraisers who need to stay connected to their CRM and deliver presentations anywhere.
  3. Eye Mask: on days when they didn’t get enough beauty rest, this will help perk them up before they run out the door.
  4. Refillable Water Bottle: hydration is essential to keep the mind and body functioning at 100 per cent
  5. Lip Balm: talking all day can take a toll on your lips—lip balm is a great stocking stuffer and go-to in any bag
  6. A quality pen: signing on the dotted line for a major gift should feel good. 🙂
  7. A Cross-body bag is a great way to carry the essentials with you, and easy to shake hands and say hello.
  8. Kindle: nothing beats a book for the commute between meetings to unwind and decompress.
  9. Give the gift of inspiration from speaker, trainer, podcaster and author Rhea Wong in her book Get That Money, Honey!
  10. Share the rejuvenating power of The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power, by Brendon Burchard.

Happy holidays!