One of the most important resources that nonprofits rely on is donor support, and managing this support effectively is critical to the success of your mission.

A donor CRM, short for customer relationship management, is a software solution that helps nonprofits manage their donor relationships. It can help you track donations, engage with donors, and build relationships that drive long-term support for your mission.

So, what can a great nonprofit donor CRM do for your mission?

Achieve a Rich, Real-time, Multifaceted View of Your Donors, Fundraising, and Financials

A great nonprofit donor CRM is more than a database. It’s home for your donors, dollars, and data. A nonprofit donor CRM should provide the flexibility of a CRM system combined with the rigidity required when processing large volumes of gifts, all in a single system.

With a great nonprofit donor CRM, you will be able to distinguish constituents as donors, members, or volunteers, what they have given over time and their interactions. This allows you to leverage the data to better communicate, connect and bring them closer to your organization.

MISSION CRM is a nonprofit donor CRM that provides detailed Power BI reports that allow you to understand your donors and their giving patterns and trends. This empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your fundraising efforts.

Build Stronger Donor Relationships

Having a unified home for your data is the foundation for building and strengthening your donor relationships. Donor relationships are critical to the success of your mission. With a single source of truth and actionable intelligence in MISSION CRM, you can easily define your fundraising strategy to build richer relationships through segmented campaigns and donor journeys.

Envision a gift through a donation page triggering a new donor addition to a “welcome series” journey you have set up in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Or looking up a contact record and clicking on their associated “Marketing Insights” tab to see what communications they have received, how they have interacted with you and deciding your next interaction. These are some of the ways that MISSION CRM can strengthen your donor relationships.

Manage and Nurture Volunteers

Volunteers are a valuable resource for nonprofits, and a great donor CRM can help you manage them effectively. MISSION CRM is proud to implement Microsoft’s Volunteer Management and Engagement products which enable an organization to recruit, train, and retain volunteers. Not only do volunteers give their time and energy in support of your mission, but research also indicates that they are more likely to become advocates and donors. When combined with the MISSION CRM system, your organization can now have a full, 360-degree view of your volunteers and supporters in one place.

Close the Gap Between Fundraising and Finance

Fundraising is a crucial component of nonprofit work, and a great donor CRM can help you optimize your fundraising efforts. For too long there has been a gap between the CRM system and the ERP system which causes challenges for nonprofits. Whether it’s via a donation page or batch gift entry, MISSION CRM is the front door for revenue. This allows nonprofits to close the gap between the development team who focuses on donor engagement and fundraising and the finance team who manages revenue with an automated sub-ledger designed to create journal entries according to your rules. Pre-built integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central means revenue flows seamlessly into your general ledger.

Improve Organizational Efficiency

Nonprofit organizations face significant challenges when it comes to managing resources, and a great donor CRM can help you streamline everyday processes and save precious time.

If you’re a Microsoft-based nonprofit, you will recognize the interface and productivity tools like Teams and Excel and the integration with Outlook will make you feel at home right away. The opportunity to create automated tasks, alerts and workflows to help manage everyday activities and remind your team of scheduled tasks that need to be done is all built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and leveraged in MISSION CRM.