With you goals and our process, together we’ve got this. Our team will lead you through a structured, yet tailored implementation to ensure your needs are met, on time and on budget. Whether your project is a straightforward implementation of the MISSION CRM solution, or a multi-phased effort with customizations, integrations and additional solutions, we will guide you from start to finish.

Make it Your MISSION. Let’s strike the right balance between process and function, where the technology follows your rules and not the other way around. Our team will lead you through a series of Make it Your Mission sessions, where we start by understanding your process, then suggest methods to blend MISSION CRM features to apply best-practice-based processes for efficiency and results.

When out-of-the-box won’t cut it, we’ve got you covered. We’re fundraising + database + nonprofit + Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts and we’ve “been there, done that” before. If the standard functionality doesn’t meet your needs, we can work with your team to define, refine, then build and test your customizations to support the requirements you need through an iterative design process.

Data Migration

Your data is the most important asset you own, treat it carefully. Templatized migrations don’t work. Period. Our team will inspect and respect your historical data to transform it accurately to adhere with the Nonprofit Common Data Model. The work is complex, but our objective is simple, we’re going to migrate your data as it if originated in MISSION CRM.

Security at the start and finish. We use your Microsoft Azure environment to stage the legacy data in SQL tables, maintaining compliance and locality to ensure that your data is retained in a database environment you control, and is not hosted externally. We create SQL transformation scripts to manipulate and migrate your records into your development environment for validation and then push to production once all of the t’s are crossed and i’s have been dotted.

Your work never stops, and neither does your data. Your team needs to raise funds, track relationships, manage volunteers and more. Migrating this constantly growing and changing database requires a methodical process, because there’s no such thing as down-time when it comes to your data. We get it, and we’ve designed our approach to ensure your team can continue building and using your database as we simultaneously transform and migrate it.


Countdown to launch. We refer to your go-live moment as a launch event because we understand that you’re never “done” with an implementation but achieve milestones. Our goal is to prepare your team for the launch milestone like an astronaut prepares for lift-off, by tailoring your pre-launch trainings to help you function with precision and confidence. We’ll focus on the most common situations and diligently prepare you for getting it done.

There when you need it. New staff to onboard? Time for the end-of-year receipting? Ready to build that event registration page? Need to import some 3rd-party gifts? These examples of “every now and then” uses of MISSION CRM are best trained when you need it. We’re here to help. Clients of MISSION CRM can schedule ad hoc trainings to suit these situations and we’ll make sure you’re supported. Need it again later? No problem, that’s what we’re here for.


For MISSION CRM, support is more than a user guide or a community forum. It’s about being available to assist your organization in using the system confidently in your day-to-day processes and proactively supporting you as you think about how the system can serve your strategy.

Our Client Happiness Team (CHT) provides customer support. Within the first 3 months, post launch, our CHT will meet with you regularly to ensure your team is fully supported and any immediate needs or training sessions are scheduled. Then we’ll transition to our monthly “happy hour” session – an open forum to answer questions and review how-to process with the team. And we’re always available “ad-hoc” because we never want your staff to feel lost or unsupported.

Every 6 months, we host an account review meeting, where we invite your executive stakeholders and address upcoming releases, new strategic initiatives, and other key topics to ensure we’re aligned.

Throughout all this time, your team has access to create and view submitted tickets through our support portal, which is powered by Jira Software, to log any questions, training needs, or technical issues which our CHT responds per our SLA.